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Learn more about the people behind BioPhorum

BioPhorum’s directors established the collaboration more than 10 years ago. Each director is responsible for a different element of the business. Click on the links to find out more and to get to know them a little better.

Simon Chalk


In this video, Simon talks about the birth of BioPhorum. He explains what it means to be part of the collaboration and what companies can miss out on if they are not members. Simon’s responsibilities extend to financial and administrative aspects, business development and sales.

Tony White


Tony is one of the founding members of BioPhorum and currently leads the Fill Finish Phorum. In this video, Tony focuses on people as the core of the business and explains how they help industry to solve leading edge issues.

Darren Whitman


BioPhorum co-founder Darren leads the most mature and largest Phorum – Drug Substance. Darren thrives on seeing specialists brought together through the collaboration, developing new, trusted relationships and acquiring knowledge. He talks about BioPhorum facilitators being the key to success with “Humility to listen to people, to enable their conversations and to build relationships to enable collaboration.”

Steve Jones


Steve is a passionate co-founder of BioPhorum, a leader in his field of collaboration and leads the cross-industry Technology Roadmapping Phorum. His Phorum looks further ahead than other Phorums – with a time horizon of 10 years or more – to create an industry strategy through coordination, alignment and focus. Learn more about Steve and the Technology Roadmapping Phorum by watching the video.

Christelle Simpson-Platre


Christelle has 20 years management consulting experience in the bio and pharma industry after holding line positions in QA, QC and Regulatory Compliance in large pharmaceutical businesses. She has worked mainly in development, drug safety and manufacturing operations. At BioPhorum she leads both the Development Group and the newest Phorum – Cell & Gene Therapy. Watch her video to find out what she thinks is the key to success.

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