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How the portal helps users of single-use systems

 The links below take you to the extractables data pages of some of the main global suppliers and integrators of biopharmaceutical manufacturing single-use systems.  These companies form a single- use ecosystem designed to help you assess the extractables of any given system you are considering for use in your product stream.

Click on the links below to explore each company’s extractable data

About adding your company to the portal

If you are a BioPhorum Supply Partner and wish to connect your extractables landing page to this portal, full guidance is here about becoming more integrated into the extractables ecosystem, and talk to us when you are ready to make the connecting.

If your company is not a member of BioPhorum and you want to understand more about the benefits of becoming part of the collaboration and how you can join the ecosystem, then contact us here



BioPhorum is providing these links to third party websites for convenience and information only. BioPhorum makes no warranty to the quality or accuracy of the data.

BioPhorum has no control over third party websites and will not actively monitor these links and accepts no responsibility for any loss caused by inaccuracy of these links.

Furthermore by providing these links BioPhorum does not make any representation that the information has been reviewed by them, or certify/endorse that the information is compliant with the extractables protocol, or that the information has been approved or accredited by BioPhorum.

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